Cleaning Bathroom Tiles Easily To Prevent Mould

The shape and equipment of the bathroom cannot be separated from the culture and habits of the bathing practices of a group of people in a certain area. But basically, there is something in common that bathing is a necessity to cleanse our bodies. We, humans, love to feel clean. A clean body makes our lives healthier and more productive. Therefore, our bathrooms tend to be more humid. This damp area is a favourable atmosphere for moulds and bacteria. If you have this, the bathroom will not smell fresh and we will not feel comfortable bathing there anymore. Dirty bathroom tiles will also lead to crust and dullness. But you could rely on Tile Cleaning North Shore service to get back the shine of new tiles in your bathroom click reference.

Tiles, marble or granite are materials that are slow to become damp. Avoid using wood material in wet areas and often splashed with water. So did the bathroom items. Use plastic or rubber material. Bathrooms that have windows that open are usually drier than bathrooms where windows can’t be opened or don’t even have windows. If your bathroom has no windows, use a ceiling exhaust fan or wall-mounted exhaust fan. Sunlight is the natural light that can reduce humidity and kill bacteria and mould. If your bathroom doesn’t have a window, create a path for sunlight from the roof using glass tiles.

Always try to keep the bathroom dry. If there is stagnant water, clean it immediately with a rubber scoop or mop. Stagnant water invites mould to grow on the floor surface. If you let it sit, it will become a crust, stain on the tile floor and even spread to the bathroom walls. Mould stained grout will make your bathroom look unsightly, even when it’s clean. Crusted stains can be removed using a brush and detergent or carbolic acid. Ceramic cleaning fluid can be used to descale stubborn scale stains. These cleaning fluids are generally corrosive so it is highly recommended to wear protective gloves and goggles when using them for your safety!

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