SMS Gateway for School

Here are some of the benefits that can be felt after schools implement the SMS Gateway system.

Sending announcements to students and parents
Send information on class schedules, tests, meetings, extracurricular activities and others
Sending information about student attendance and student grades to students and parents
Sending information about financial assistance for the construction of facilities and infrastructure
As an SMS Center and complaint service
Sending congratulations to students and parents with the aim of strengthening relationships with parents
If there is a donor, the school can send a thank you note
Sending financial reports on the use of donations, aid and so on
Addressing negative issues about incidents or events that discredit the school
Sending sentences of advice and motivation to students
Sending notification sentences and questions containing student activities at that time in the hope of feedback from students
Through cellular operators, schools can supervise, monitor and evaluate students’ use of cellphones.
Save cost and time because it can be done in bulk.
Very effective and targeted towards the dissemination of information, invitations, notifications, warnings and so on.

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