This mental illness we often think is just a bad habit Kebiasaan

Often we define a person’s character by what they do. For example, from their habits or their actions. But what if there is a big meaning behind it? As is customary with lack of responsibility, this category includes people who always want to have more time to rest and less work. Of course, it is the most common human desire but some people continue to feel inadequate and continue to feel that they need more. This disease is called antisocial personality disorder. Other symptoms that indicate that this negligence is not just a bad habit but has become a mental illness are the desire to live from the hard work of others, often stop working without any clear future planning, and often make unplanned purchases. Behind it all, you can prevent these bad habits by consuming the best CBD oil for anxiety & depression.

If you have a habit of often procrastinating work, then this category includes people who don’t want to follow the rules that exist in society. This is expressed by often procrastinating activities. Procrastinating a little at school or college is normal and there’s no need to look for sickness in it. However, procrastination can often develop into a mental illness called passive-aggressive personality disorder if accompanied by symptoms such as a very uncomfortable response when asked to do usual activities, even though it is a little difficult, such as taking out the trash, cleaning pet cages, or simply wash the dishes. Unable to take useful advice from people around you on how to make work better and faster.

A person who cannot control their emotions has a high risk of suffering from borderline personality. Symptoms can range from unstable friendships and love relationships, impulsive spending, reckless driving to frequent near-misses to unexplained mood swings and chronic boredom.