Props And Equipment Needed In Newborn Photography

The newborn is like a new star. Their presence needs to be announced to your extended family, friends, and all of Mama’s friends on social media. So, you need to make cool photos to be displayed on Instagram, Facebook, Path, and others. Prepare photographing tools, cameras, and additional equipment There are already intentions to take click this link , then what camera do you use? Don’t worry if you only have a camera on a smartphone. You can download photography filters on the app store and use them to make cool photos.

Some smartphone cameras are not sharp enough to capture details. Don’t worry, get out of it by making good photo moments instead of small details, for example, the wrinkles on the baby’s fingers. Well, it’s lucky if you have a pocket-type digital camera or better yet, a DSLR camera. Of course, you have to choose a lens that is suitable for this DSLR-type camera. Select macro mode if you want to capture details of the baby’s body. After setting up the camera, you must prepare shooting properties, including equipment, clothes, and other accessories that support photos to be cool. A semi-circular breastfeeding pillow can be a great property for a newborn photo. This pillow can be a support for the baby so that the pose is cool. Cover the nursing pillow with a plain cloth or soft pattern, then put the baby on it. Use the pillow curve as a support for the baby’s neck.

Some people will find it difficult to distinguish between male and female babies because at birth they are difficult to distinguish. So, use cute accessories to indicate their gender. Don’t use large objects that “cover” the baby, just choose cute little things, for example wearing a headband for a baby girl or bringing a small toy car for your baby boy. Prepare the baby according to the concept of the photo you want to make. Maybe, the photos will take some time so it’s a good idea, the baby’s business is over before the session begins. For example, make sure the baby is full enough, not sleepy, or not sick.