Uses and Types of Aluminum Composite Panel

Aluminum Composite Panel material is a wall coating material for today’s buildings. In addition, there are types of ACPs, advantages, and disadvantages, and tips for installing ACPs CMILC. Aluminum Composite Panel or ACP is a material used for wall cladding and is still relatively new on the market, however, its use is commonly applied to aluminum ramps. The material composition consists of a combination of aluminum plate and composite materials. ACP depiction as a panel with a flat surface consisting of non-aluminum material. The material is polyethylene which is made into one between two aluminum sheets. ACP sheet is a sheet that is rigid, strong but has lightweight. ACP sheet production is usually carried out by fabrication with thickness dimensions up to 4 mm and widths up to 1200 to 2400 mm. The use of ACP is used for buildings and houses with minimalist designs.

These materials are commonly used in combination with the use of glass and metal materials to provide beauty to architecture. Meanwhile, ACP is used as a partition, as well as a column cover. This is used so that the ceiling has artistic value. In general, the function of an aluminum composite panel (ACP) is usually used on the walls of contemporary buildings that are minimalist. Composite panels made of aluminum can also be used to combine and beautify modern buildings, and are usually combined with glass. Indoor aluminum is usually used as a partition for swimming column coverings and artistic ceilings.

The use of ACP as wall coverings in construction buildings has several types. The classification is based on the outer paint layer. The use of aluminum is commonly used for the interior design of homes and buildings. The polyester type is considered more economical and cheaper. This is because the production process only requires one coat. Despite this, its resistance is very susceptible to weather, especially ultraviolet rays. If you have to use this type it is usually due to budget constraints. Make sure to choose light colors. Some of these options include silver, gray, white or yellow. The use of these colors is considered to be more resistant to weather changes. In addition, choosing a color of this type needs to avoid dark colors.

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